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August 29th – 31st, CPCR conducts a workshop to summarize a project of capacity building for local child protection officers. Since 2014, CPCR has worked with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and UNICEF to conduct child protection training program for state officers in sub-district level across 10 provinces. This would be the last meeting for all state officers to review and summarize their performance. It is a positive development that now local state officers understand how to assist children in their areas and ask for help from local multidisciplinary team. Since the program receives a positive feedback, CPCR plans to expand this training to new areas. At the end of workshop, CPCR also conducts a special program – Meeting the Local Child Guard from 10 Provinces. ‘The Child Guard’ is another program that CPCR invites a general public to voluntarily assist children in their own areas. The program has expanded and received huge support from many sectors. CPCR believe that everyone can be ‘the Child Guard’

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