RAEE, the african branch of Lamako

Le dernier atelier organisé par le RAEE s'est déroulé au Bénin en novembre 2013

The last workshop organized by the RAEE network was in Benin in November 2013

 The Africa Blooming Childhood Network (ABCN, RAEE in french) was established in 2009 and now has eight member associations : Racines (Roots) in Benin, Asecd and Dispensary Sidewalk Burkina Faso, Maeecha in Comoros, Asa and Bel Avenir in Madagascar, Partage in France and Mesad in Ivory Coast. They are involved in various fields : education , health, nutrition, socio -economic development, monitoring and psycho- social support for children.

From the outset, RAEE has set a goal to contribute to the development of children and youth through various lines of action such as the exchange of experience , capacity building , funding and implementation implementation of common projects. Four meetings enabled members of RAEE strengthen their commitment to work together to share their knowledge and practices, and train its members on various areas related to their areas of intervention.