On the afternoon of June 16th 2007, more than 90 heads of charities devoted to child relief gathered from 20 countries in Mont-Evray – France

The richness of the discussions and debates during this three-day long meeting led the participants to set up an operational network aimed at enabling the 34 organisations to pursue this collective dynamics of skills and experience sharing as well as of interrogation and debate over child relief practices.

Under applauds and on “lamako!” sounds, our network was born.

Each of these organizations has its own history: however, they all share a common goal, that of enabling the most fragile and destitute children of their countries to build up and have a future. All those organizations are, in that sense, concrete actors of their countries development.

The belief of these organisations that all work in partnership with Partage – the Mont-Evray enabled some of them to meet for the first time – is that there is no such thing as a unique development model. This is why each of them has chosen to base its actions on the analysis of local needs.

The sharing of experience of the 34 charities represents a great diversity of know-how that are all focused on child development, covering a fantastic range of aspects of this specific field of action (more than 19 thematics are dealt with in more than 20 countries impacted by child development actions).

The Lamako network – through the diversity and complementarity of the collective dynamics it is rooted in – heralds a fantastic potential of synergy to be put at the service of hundreds of children.

Together, let’s build it! Let’s make it alive!