CPCR’s event: Let’s ride for children in Nepal!



Thai bikers supporting Nepal’s victims – Source: CPCR

CPCR’s in partnership with Let’s Bike Thai Co., Ltd. – a well know company that carries out CSR programs which aim to build a caring society in Thailand – joined their efforts to implement a charity event for victims of the earthquake in Nepal. “Let’s Bike, Let’s Ride for Children in Nepal” took place on May 17th and asked Thai bikers to support Nepal’s victims after the earthquake of April 25th. More than 300 bikers joined this event. The biking track started from the Bangkok to Ayutthaya, which is approximately 60 kilometers (round trip). From this event, CPCR has raised money for Everest Range members in Nepal – BIKALPA, Voice of Children and Child Watabaran Center Nepal.

Moreover, CPCR has opened a special channel on CPCR website – – for people who could not join the event but would like to help children in Nepal. People can donate their money and receive a special t-shirt – “Let’s Bike, Let’s Ride for Children in Nepal”.

Solidarity among partners of Everest Range Network


Photo VOC 1

Social worker of VOC conducting counselling. Source: VOC

After the earthquake many partners from Everest Range Network  has showed all their solidarity to partners in Nepal.


Assefa: “Our prayers are with you and the people of Nepal to overcome this horrible disaster”.

 VSSS : “Prayers from VSSS to all the victims of the earth quake. From the news and other information we know that the destruction is very huge. VSSS feel with you. We will try to help Nepal team as much as we could.” “Thanks God that our friends are safe.  But still not at peace because of the great tragedy. We will continue sharing and caring mutually and supporting by all means. With lots of love”

SARD: “Being a responsible organization SARD management and his staff have taken note of this grim situation due to this calamitous earthquake, which has put our neighbors in deep distress and trouble.  As a matter of expressing solidarity with the affected people in Nepal, our staff have decided to unanimously give their one-day salary to help these victims affected by this cruel disaster”.

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Solidarity from our African partners after the earthquake that struck Nepal


Photo Népal

Camp at Tundikhel, Kathmandou – Source: VOC

The demonstrations of solidarity with the victims of the earthquake in Nepal multiplied over the course of the days following this tragic event. The African partners showed the extent of their solidarity with the Nepalese partners, VOC, CWCN and Bikalpa: “We want all of our friends from Nepal to know we are supporting them, with all our hearts, through those difficult times for them and for the whole humankind. Fortunately they are safe, so we will not forget to thank the Gods while prying it won’t happen again” (MESAD, from Ivory Coast). The Comores’ partner, Maeecha, also expressed her solidarity: “Our hearts go out to them!”