‘Family Camp’, a Child & Family Development Activity with CPCR staff



A Family Camp with 4 Child Protection Communities,

a child & family development activity with CPCR and the Child Protection Community

“…I like sounds of trees. It was really like a sound of river.

This was my first time that I had a chance to go camping with my family…”

This is a comment from a 9-year-old boy who shares his experience with CPCR staff. He joins CPCR activity – ‘A Family Camp with 4 Child Protection Communities – from December 19th – 20th at Armed Forces Development Command in Saraburi Province. The child & family development activity aims to build a family bond and strengthen the Child Protection Community Network. There are 15 families from 4 Child Protection Communities – Wat Pracharabuetham Community, Sinsap-Pattana Community, Taharn-Luxsawang Community and Suwanprasit 2 Community. They all learn how to go camping in the forest. They share their cooking skill and handicraft. This is a good opportunity for children to develop their life skills together with their own parents.

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CPCR launchs fundraising activity “Music For Kids”



Muse Music Academy, a music school, works with CPCR by launching a voluntary & fundraising program. ‘Music for Kids’ is an activity which aims to support underprivileged children in the society. Muse Music Academy conducts a charity concert for children at the school and patients at the hospital. This private organization also donates all money from the concert to CPCR. Thank you Muse Music Academy for building a caring society with CPCR.


CPCR Annual CPCR Staff Seminar 2015


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November 30th – December 1st, CPCR conducts an annual staff seminar at Army Rehabilitation and Recreation Center in Petchburi Province. This year, with a support from PARTAGE, CPCR aims to promote a capacity building of team members. To reduce the barrier to communicate within the organization, CPCR invites Ms. Thanachthorn Premchiashuan from Jitarsabank to lead the training program. There are many activities which receive a positive feedback from the staff. One staff from the Organization Development Unit shares her opinion that after the training, she understands how to work as a team. She can see herself more clearly and understands other team members from other units. Since each unit has its own unique problem, using a positive approach can improve her work and reduce a conflict in the organization. CPCR plans to launch a capacity building program for team members in the nearest future because CPCR believes that happy staff makes a happy work and positive outcome.

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CPCR promotes seminar of Child and Family Development Program in Bangkok, Thailand



CPCR continues to promote a child development program in local areas. September 3rd – 6th, CPCR works with Ministry of Social Development & Human Security and the Foundation of Promotion of Family Institution (FPFI) to conduct a seminar of ‘Child’s Behavior and Life’s Skills – the Development of Child, Family and Community’ for 160 participants – board of school managements, teacher leaders, student representatives and partners. The seminar aims to summarize the operation from 6 operational areas in Chiangrai, Chiangmai, Krabi, Songkhla, Khonkaen and Udonthani Provinces.

Political situation in Nepal: latest news from Bikalpa



Stella Tamang – Director of Bikalpa

Stella Tamang, Director of Bikalpa tell us about political situation and recent conflicts in Nepal regarding the discussions around the new constitution. 

“The constitution drafting process is almost coming to completion.  The drafting committee has already submitted the draft constitution to the chair of Constituent Assembly and there will be discussion at Constituent Assembly and will pass for finalizing. Oh yes, the draft was sent out for people to give feedback.  Not enough time though.  With this, long waited concern over Federalism, State Restructuring and Inclusive and Proportionate representation has opened up discussion and of course dissatisfaction too.  Janajati (ethnic group), Madhesi and Tharu from the south plain land are on the street demanding the correction and redrafting of the constitution.  They said that the draft does not capture and reflect the aspiration of the people as mentioned in the interim constitution.  State Restructuring has been the greatest issue…they are not happy with the name, boundary of the state and power sharing.  

Tharu and Madhesi community from the plain south have been protesting and there has been clashed with the security forces.  21 people (18 police and 3 civilian including a baby) have been killed. Janajati (ethnic and indigenous peoples), women, Dalit too are not happy with the draft constitution and are therfore protesting and demonstrating peacefully.  There has been curfew in the south but now being lifted.

Lets hope that the leaders will use their wisdom and compassion to resolve this unrest.  We want constitution but with solution to resolve conflict.  No Nepali is going to win by defeating or hurting any Nepali.  Whenever there is any conflict or violence children are the victims…..they are the one who suffer most.   Feel good to be communicating with you….people who are committed to creating better world for children.”

Gathering of families with twins or triplets organized by HSF in Nakhon


HSF, with collaboration of the Local Administrative Office of Tasala sub-district in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, have organized a Gathering of Families with Twins & Triplets at HSF’s Tasala Learning Center on August 1, 2015 as one of the ongoing efforts to support and empower needy families with twins/triplets who are beneficiaries of HSF Family Strengthening Program in Nakhon. Main objectives of this family gathering were for the parents having twins/triplets and the twin/triplet children themselves to feel supported by those sharing with them the similar circumstances, to enhance them their knowledge and understanding of parenting twins/triplets, for them to learn the parenting techniques and experiences from each other, and to have FUN! There were 136 family members consisting of 80 twins, 6 triplets, and 50 parents joining this family gathering. It was very delightful to see how much the children and parents enjoyed and learned from the games, activity bases, stage performances, small group discussion they participated in, and even from the typical Southern foods from the organic products that they took for lunch! In addition to the wonderful support both in-kind and in-cash contributed by the local authority, HSF network in the community, local donors and volunteers, what we are so proud of is the strong commitment of the support group of families with twins/triplets who has been working very hard with so many meetings, planning, and all the preparation s to make this gathering a great learning experience and fun for everybody.

Out of an approximate number of 500 families HSF served yearly through our Family Strengthening program, 10% of them or around 50 families are those having twins or triplets in their care.     Having twins or triplets is such a blessing for the families who are well prepared and better off. But in the less fortunate families being under very difficult circumstances such as being a single mom, old grandparents caring for grandchildren left with them, having HIV/AIDS, or having mental health or substance abuse issues, the ongoing support and empowerment are very necessary.

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Quality education in Assefa’s schools leads to successful results in Uthiramerur Area



Assefa’s students in Manithottam school

Usually the result of any hard work is known at the end of the Program or in the end of a scholar year. In the public examination of 10th standard held during the month of April 2015, the result was that two High schools of Assefa got 100% promotion and the first mark of Manithottam school is 493 out of 500 marks. This is extraordinary and the main reason for the success is the hard work of the teachers, students and the parents. In addition, out of 5 High schools in Uthiramerur area (besides 2 schools got 100 % result in the public exam) the rest of the three scored above 97% of pass percentage. Assefa honored the teachers in the teachers meeting. These results gave more confidence and hope for Assefa: for the scholar year (2015/2016) the plan is to stand first in the state level!

10th Children’s Art Exhibition, ‘Pure Art’ – CPCR



The Mandala Drawing by CPCR’s children

June 5th, CPCR set up a children’s art exhibition, ‘Pure Art’, at Krungthai Art Gallery, Bangkok. CPCR has introduced an art therapy for children who are a victim, neglect and exploitation at CPCR Assessment & Treatment Shelter, ‘Baan Oun Rak’ for nearly 15 years. Ms. Sayjai Srilime, CPCR Art Therapist, wants the art to be a communication tool for victimized children. Children can use the art to express their thoughts and feelings to other people around them. Then, CPCR use their work as a data to design a treatment for them later.

In 2005, after providing an art therapy to children for a period of time, CPCR wants to develop children’s self-empathy by conducting an art exhibition for them. Children have a chance to show their paintings and explain the meaning to the audience. Their paintings can be purchased also. Children would be proud and learn the value of themselves.

This year, it is the 10th CPCR Children’s Art Exhibition with more than 30 paintings. The Mandala Drawing by CPCR Art Therapist set up for the audience. Ms. Srilime has introduced Mandala Drawing for children and CPCR staff since the beginning of this year and she wants the audience to be part of it. 2 gigantic Mandala have been brushed by our audience. The ‘Pure Art’ has been showed at Krungthai Art Gallery, Bangkok for 30 days for the general public.