Award Distribution Program on Alternative Family Care


Voice of Children organized the Award Distribution Program on Alternative Family Care on 20th November 2016 on the Occasion of International Child Rights Day. The objectives of the award were to promote the family based alternative care instead of promoting institutional care for children living without parental care and to aware stakeholders about possibilities of foster family care.

The award was divided in three categories which are Organization, Individual and FosVOCter family. This award is established to recognize and appreciate the alternative care of the children by organization, individual and family. The Himalayan Innovative Society (THIS) in organizational category with Rs. 300,000 (Rupees three hundreds thousands) cash and certificate, Rajesh Sharma–Journalist on child issue in individual category with Rs. 200,000 (Rupees two hundreds thousands) cash and certificate and Ajaya Kumar Lama in Foster Family Category with Rs. 100,000 (Rupees one hundred thousand) cash and certificate are awarded by chief guest Former Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal in Aryal International Hotel, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu Nepal. The chief guest Khanal addressed that the nation has to protect the children in appropriate way like alternative care setting with family environment. Likewise, the director of VOC said that the award is provided to the organization, individual and family who are working for the alternative care of the children. There were presented more than 125 people in the award distribution ceremony including director of Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB- government central body responsible for children), members of award selection committee, President of National Child Protection Alliance (NCPA), Children Zone of Peace (CZOP), NGO Federation of Nepal, Lalitpur Branch and representatives from GOs and NGOs.

Voice of Children has step by step approach to socialize the children after rescued from street and sexual abuse. It has running Drop-in-Center and Socialization Center with the support of PARTAGE, France where children use to prepare for reintegration in their family and community. The children who don’t have family and relative, VOC protect them in family environment keeping in foster family as an alternative family. VOC has placed 5 children in foster families until the date who were without parental care. The concept of alternative family care system is new in Nepal and this award is a mean for disseminating the information to raise awareness and promoting the alternative family care in Nepal. This award project is supported by Child Rescue Nepal UK and VOC has planned to continue this in coming year also.

By VOC team



In response to the International Children’s Day and the request from Partage to celebrate this meaningful day, Partage Vietnam conducted some events for children in our project areas including Hoc Mon, Go Vap and Tra Vinh in the hope of reminding and encouraging children of their own rights.

 “My Dream, My Right” drawing contest

Students in scholarship program of PVN at Hoc Mon and Go Vap would participate in this contest. They had to draw a picture to describe their dream or to raise their voice on problems related to children’s rights in the community. Their beautiful and meaningful pictures will be sent to their sponsors as a gift. Children with selected pictures would present the meaning of their drawing for the final selection. This activity not only helped to trigger children’s creativity but also developed their confidence and awareness on their rights. This contest also drew the attention of parents and adults from respecting and protecting children’s rights.

IMG_0227  IMG_0715

                    Children presenting the meaning of their drawing

IMG_0264  IMG_0731

                                        Award-giving for best pictures

tranh 1  tranh 3

                                             Some drawings of children

“Children’s Rights” Quiz at Tra Vinh province


PVN has been implementing “Save the kids, Preserve the future” project at Chau Dien B Primary school and Chau Dien secondary school at Cau Ke District, Tra Vinh Province since last year. After training students on their rights, we conducted a competition on children’s rights knowledge called “Golden Bell” for students. The competition attracted many children to join in. Children answer some questions related to children’s rights by writing their answers on a paper and raising it up. The students with the wrong answers had to leave the competition and wait for the saving round. The children giving the right answers can continue their race with other competitors. The last child who defeats all competitors will be the winner. With many interesting questions and interesting physical games, students had a fun and meaningful time. Besides that, it also helped to remind and encourage them to exercise and protect their rights, especially in the rural areas where children’s rights is not respected and children often have to leave school to earn a living.

IMG_5226  IMG_7270

IMG_7280  IMG_7385

                                             “Golden Bell” competition

By PVN team





In 2000, Vijayapuram Social Service Society adapted a paradigm shift in strategy and approach to promote services to the cause of rural development and empowerment of the powerless and the deprived sections of the community.  The society adapted Animation Thrust as its major focus with participatory and decentralization strategy whereby people are placed at the centre of development. Social Mobilization through People’s Organization and Capability Approach were the main focus of the perspective.  We call it a zero budget initiative because Vijayapuram Social Service Society do not invest any amount except meeting the salary and expenses of the Society’s personnel involved.  Fund will be raised locally and through laisoning with Government and other local body organizations and private institutions of the area.

Pattumudy Village: Pattumudy is a remote village in Idukki District. The residents mostly were jobless, water and power connections were cut off and medical facilities were withdrawn due to the heavy loss of Eastate.  Poverty and starvation hoarded in the families. Children could not be sent to school.  People had to travel over 10 kms. to Vandiperiyar to get medical assistance in case of diseases.

Entry into Pattumudy Village: People from Pattumudy approached VSSS for financial support for their food and education of the children.  We launched animation programme by name Community Action to Light Life (CALL). ABCD Strategy was applied to convince that sustainable development is possible only if they themselves take initiative and involve creatively.   We also promoted family budgeting among the families.

Our prime concentration was on children. The youth were organized to think of their own development and the development of the community.  With regular contact and interaction we could make the youth to be at the forefront of every initiative.

We promoted Capability Approach and charted out the capacities and tried to boost up.  We received support from other people for tuition for children and venue.

When we prioritized the problems the first thing was to lay a road and had negotiation with the estate owners.  Due to the denial of these basic or fundamental amenities, people living here are put in total isolation from the mainstream society.  Recently they managed to get duplicate copy of their title deeds from the Registrar Thodupuzha.  This indeed was a great achievement in their life. The struggle continues even today to get title of the property they live in.  VSSS is always with the people as a catalyzing agent.

Qualitative changes of the intervention: This time the presidentship being reserved for women and there was no women in the ruling party except Ms.Parajyothi, she was elected the president.  This was a turning point for the community in Pattumudy.  Through her effort a road was laid from K.K.Road to Pattumudy top and electric line was drawn.  A proposal was laid under watershed programme for a water supply scheme.  A pond was dug, pump house installed, overhead tank constructed and pipes were laid to Pattumudy.  When they had each achievement, they celebrated it with VSSS personnel as special invitee.

Presently there are people employed in private firms and companies. Three youth are pursuing graduate courses.

The spectrum of reach/coverage such as types of people’s structure/institutions created: There are one Balavedi, one Youth Club, two SHGs (one of women and one of Men).  These structures are active and continue Social Mobilisation as well as Financial Intermediation process.  Recently the Youth Club and both SHGs together could manage to get a Bus Stop and construct a waiting shed on K.K.Road.

 The longevity generated within the community through this change: To the credit of the initiative there is a member from Pattumudy in the Panchayat in all the subsequent elections. The present ward member in the Peermade panchayat Ms.Prameela Raja is from Pattumudy, through whose support development initiatives gain momentum.

The feasibility of replicating such initiatives: This initiative had prompted us to take up such liberative actions in Dam Top Village Idukki, Kanichattupara in Kothamangalam, Poovam of Paipadu Panchayat and Thukalasserry of Thiruvalla Municipality.  We are happy and proud to state that several people and organizations visit Pattumudy to interact with the people of the process they had initiated for such a sustainable development plan.  They certainly appreciate and congratulate VSSS for the creative interventions.

By VSSS team

Eyes exams for students in Phung Hiep


In order to detection of eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism to treatment and cutting suitable glasses for students, Anh Duong implements Eyes screening program to help students of 37 primary schools in Phung Hiep district. The program will help children have good learning condition and a better life. On 24 October 2016, all of Anh Duong staff has conducted preliminary eyes checking for primary students in Phung Hiep. The preliminary eyes examination has completed on 28 October 2016 to check all elementary students in project area. The program is expected to check about 15,565 elementary students.

IMG_20161024_150803       IMG_20161024_080041

      Anh Duong team and teacher are checking eyesight for students

After this preliminary examination, the students has a disability or eye problems will be taken further professional eye examination at The Long My burg Health Clinic Center, it is expected from 01 to 04.11.2016. The children will be diagnosed eye diseases as well as to make interventions to help them improve their health vision, ensuring the best conditions for their learning and living. Children with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism will be supported cutting free glass (expected around 200 children will be provided glasses with cost of 200,000 VND per glasses).


         Dr. Tru was training for teachers

Before that, on 15 October 2016, Anh Duong invited eye specialist, Doctor Le Cong Tru, training for teachers who are in charge of health for primary schools about basic knowledge of eyes. Thereby, the teachers have been equipped with useful knowledge about the eyes, the expression of the eye diseases, the preliminary eyes checking method. The teachers also learn about how to protect and preserve eyes health, rational nutrition helps students have healthy eyes.


Prepared by Anh Duong team

Soap Stories


Reaching out to 450 children in Moradabad

In celebration of Global Handwashing Day 2016, Society for All hdRound Development (SARD) addressed 450 school children with message about Handwashing Day with soap under its Partage Program in Moradabad field office. The campaign was initiated to reduce childhood mortality rates and related respiratory and diarrhoea diseases by introducing simple behavior changes such as hand washing with soap.


Demonstration of Handwashing Practices

To suppIMG_7510ort the effort and ensure that the children were educated in good handwashing practice SARD Partage demonstrated five steps of hand washing with soap in three schools of project area namely Fakeerpuar slum, Chakkar Ki Milak slum and   Sabjipur village.



Mock Skit


Sometimes, when you want to spread a message, you need to ACT it so the audience FEELS it. The program started with small mock skit presented by children group members of respective areas and staff. In capturing, the interest of children this conveyed the message that hand washing with soap before eating and after using the toilet into an ingrained habit was projected to mitigate the risk of many threatening diseases. Along with the demonstration, SARD prepared small quiz covering areas such as health, hygiene and sanitation program to enhance the understanding of children. In this program, children received a beautiful small sanitation kit that boosted up their interest. The central focus was to drive children to incorporate handwashing with soap into everyday life for which each of them was gifted a soap bar. This whole process was aimed at bringing good sense of cleanliness and awareness towards threats of unhygienic attitude and environment.


We acknowledge that it requires a lot of energy and dedication to mainstream the above habit into lifelong skills and SARD is constantly working towards the same. Above all the children were enthusiastic while participating in whole activity and shining of happiness was distinct on the faces of winners. We are very grateful to Partage to given us opportunity to inculcate the habits


SARD team

Happy Heart under Self Sufficient Living


Happy Heart under Self Sufficient Living is an event to show their day-to-day practice of “Self Sufficiency” and “Happy Life” (physically and psycho-emotionally) that have been introduced and cultivated by HSF casework management and group activities during 19 years since HSF established in Nakhon province.  This exhibition is one of the activities to celebrate HSF’s 40th anniversary of child and family welfare services.  The exhibition was held at HSF Tasala Learning Center on August 27, 2016,  with approximately 800 participants including 400 HSF direct beneficiaries, over 300 people from HSF local networks (6 preschools, 6 primary schools, 2 hospitals, 4 sub-district administration organizations and Thammasat University Alumni Association’s Southern Chapter, the co-sponsor of the event) and a group of distinguished guests, supporters and HSF board members.

02  01

There are five sessions were conducted during the event:

1) Exhibition Booths:  Different booths including “How parents twin children are successful”, exhibitions on Students’ Health Care, the Benefits of Vetiver Grass, Healthy menus, organic farm products from both HSF farm and the beneficiaries’ farm, and etc.

04  06

2) Stage Performances:  Many stage performances showing traditional Thai Southern culture influenced by Muslim heritage were all performed by children and parents of HSF direct beneficiaries.

08  010

3) Talk on the topic of “How to do the organic farming under concept of Self Sufficiency with a happy heart”: The invited speakers including a Thai wisdom intellectual in organic farming, one of HSF parents and HSF board member shared their first handed experience of practicing organic farm and self-sufficiency living.


4) Food stalls of healthy lunch:  Groups of parents and local networks organized 10 different food stalls of typical Southern foods made by the local organic products.

014  015

5) Completing the tasks at the Happy Heart’s five activity stations:  The five activity stations set throughout Tasala Learning Center including Desirable personal care & social manner (Station 1), Simple life style & self-sufficiency (Station 2), Avoiding all vices & physically and psycho-emotionally living a happy life  (Station 3), Self-improvement (Station 4), and Being wise to do good & life fulfilled with happy heart (Station 5).  Children and parents were excited to join in the activity.

017  018

To HSF, the most significant achievement of this exhibition is to witness the very attentive and close involvement of the core members (HSF direct beneficiaries).  This is a great proof of their strengths and the significant progress they have made in terms of self-development.




hinh lamako

Children during a meditation session

August 12 is celebrated as an international Youth day all over the world. This year emphasis is given to the leading role of young people in ensuring the poverty eradication and achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030. Numerous activities were organized across the globe to mark this day. The realization of felt need and the shreds of evidence based on the applied practices, CWCN came up with an idea that the Young people need more role-model to fully realize their capacities. Hence, CWCN decided to conduct an event where children and youths were allowed to spend a day with an inspiring public figure. The event entitled “let’s get motivated with Raman Nepali” was held at the head-office, Nayapati.

The day motivational session was dedicated to inspiring the young state of mind to start quality imaginations. Mr. Raman started the session with the quotation “Yes I Can” and the children, youths, staffs and the volunteer were given an opportunity to realize the potential, talents, and the creativity as a source they truly have. He also demonstrated how young people can make effective application of these sources for a constructive engagement in the society. The session was followed by the audio-video session, meditation, success stories, group work, creative thinking and the physical exercises. The children, youths, and the staffs had a quality time and the positive impact of it is visible in terms of actions and behavior.

Mr. Raman Nepali is a motivational speaker and a trainer who has established himself as an inspiring youth figure and had almost reached and inspired 100 thousand diverse national/international individuals and groups.


Bikalpa celebrating National Children’s Day


National Children's Day Greetings

14th September 2016 , Nepal is the National Children’ Day. For, this, Bikalpa Nepal is also making this very important day and is in the Central Committee for Children’s Day Celebration with the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare of Nepal.

We are organizing various programs today and tomorrow to mark this very important day.

On this very occasion, the 9th Nepali Girl Child Peace Camp will also begin from 16th till 20th September  2016.