SARD: Sabjipur Government Primary School Children won the kabbadi clash against the Private School children

SARD: Sabjipur Government Primary School Children won the kabbadi clash against the Private School children

An overwhelming enthusiasm and response was seen at the Kabbadi and quiz competition organized between the children of government primary schools Sabjipur and private schools of the area. The kabbadi final was won by the government primary school children, Sabjipur sinking the opponents of MS Public school Sabjipur. Enthralled by the performance of these children the school headmistress Ms.

SARS 1Neelam said “I didn’t expect that young children can ever participate in competition but the way they played today and won I am very happy to see their energy and enthusiasm.” This initiative was organized under the SARD- Partage programme on holistic development of children and Adolescents of the fakeerpur and Sabjipur, an urban Slum and village respectively in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Similar sports events to promote a culture of sports with education has been laid by SARD-Partaege team through various activities like children fair etc., Before this kabbadi rout, stakes of winning the event were high for the private school children as government school children are deprived of any physical education instructor and good nutritious diet and any regular sports practice by these children. Three private schools and one government primary school of sabjipur participated. It was very spectacular and youthful environment. Winner’s trophy was grabbed by Government Primary school and Runners UP trophy along with individual token of appreciation were given to 30 participants from all schools to promote interest of children towards sports and games.

SARS3Too develop knowledge and excellence base for children in Sabjipur village a very motivating and exuberating Open Quiz Meet for all was organized at the government Primary School Sabjipur. Around 100 children participated. Lots of questions regarding general knowledge, health and hygiene were asked to children and for each correct answer children grabbed individual prize like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc.

It was very energetic and engaging event for the children, youth, villagers, members of Community Based Organization and teachers of the Sabjipur village, one of the intervention villages under the SARD- Partage programme.

SARD team

VSSS: Balabheri Summer Camp



children’s drawing

Vijayapuram Social Service Society (VSSS) stands for the creation of a new generation vibrant with the values of love, justice, peace, fraternity, cooperation and mutual concern. To materialize this vision and create a new generation children are to be identified at the early age and given formation in these desired directions.

 Vijay Balavedi is a platform of children between the age of 5-15 from different religion, cast and creed, organized by VSSS. Balavedi gives opportunity for children for team building and development of physical, emotional, cultural, and intellectual skills.

Every summer, we host a series of 1-week camp sessions, “Balabheri”, for members of Balavedi, creating a unique environment to learn, grow and have fun.  Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a diverse group of children, giving our campers the opportunity to meet and perform with peers from different Balavedis working in the parish, creating the ideal setting for performance-based program. The programme includes advancing the field of social entrepreneurship through various programmes.

Celebrating its 25th year, “Balabheri” focuses on lessons of community and children’s development topics.  The camp is always looking for new and exciting ways to inspire children. The programme features four modules that allow kids to design, play, construct and deconstruct in teams, giving them a chance to bond and learn from one another.  The kids are exposed  to outside during recess, engaging in specific topic-related activities each day.

Although the camp runs for just one week, the preparation starts from January. The entire day is structured from beginning to end. At drop-off, the facilitators and the Co-patrons make a Camp evaluation with the kids. For older kids, the Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) program offers a chance to gain leadership skills; this is a great program for kids that have “aged-out” of Camp Invention, but still want to experience all of the fun activities the program has to offer. The following topics are transacted for these older kids.

Bio diversity, Herbal ( medicinal) plants, Alternative life style , water, consumerism , Environmental protection, global warming,   child right and responsibilities, children’s parliament, Drug and substance abuse, Creation of child friendly village,  Cancer and Alcoholism, Life Style Diseases and alternate life style, Transactional Analysis and Personality Development, TV News Reading, Event Management, Dramatics, Programme Anchoring etc. were some of the   most appreciated programmes of Balabheri.


Training in Crafts

Training in cultural and artistic skills is given for kids below 10.  The most exciting part of any art activity is that young children learn and explore through their senses, and the experience and process. In art children can learn and explore through exciting and messy open-ended art materials. Little ones learn about colors, textures, and shapes while developing fine motor skills and expressing their creativity through unconventional and open-ended materials.

Led by talented artists, children explore an incredible array of artistic materials. A creative line-up of projects in painting, collage, printmaking, and more will follow. Variety will keep the budding artists engaged and entertained all through the camp!


Dancing class

Dancing helps children develop body awareness as well as physical strength and coordination. Dancers will flourish in our programs as the grow from learning basics steps and dance language to full choreographed routines. Dancing is a fun way to get movingafter school and provides a creative outlet for children to express themselves!


The performing arts program gives budding young actors the chance to learn all the elements of development, rehearsals and performance that culminates in a Stage Performance on the last day.


Musical practice

During the camp all parents visit the camp and prepare tea and snacks for the children. At the end of the camp is a celebration. All parents, ward members of the Panchayat, and other important personalities are also invited for the final day celebration. We celebrate our children’s accomplishments in music, drama, musical theatre, dance, art, etc., on  the last day.

Children also conduct exhibition and other art forms to propagate the message and to educate the public of the topics transacted in the camp.



CPCR conducts annual Seminar of Child Protection School (Safe School) 2016



April 23rd – 27th, CPCR and Office of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education, conduct an annual seminar of Child Protection School (Safe School). ‘Safeguarding in Schools’, ‘the Positive Discipline’, ‘Sex Education’ and ‘Appropriate Students’ Behavior Promotion’ are four main topics that all school boards of management and teacher leaders have focused and developed a working-plan together in 2016. CPCR also invites Ms. Ticha na-Nakorn, the Director of the Juvenile Observation and Protection Center – Baan Kanchanapisek to share her experience of how to support children in conflict with the law. ‘Only Changing your Attitude, Your Behavior will be Changed’ is the idea that Ms. na-Nakorn has been introduced to her children at Baan Kanchanapisek. She designs a treatment program based on children’s ways of life. Family members also play a vital to support their children. Ms. na-Nakorn’s work will give an idea for all participants to develop their programs in the future.

WAF: Opportunity for Individuals and Organizations working for sustainable water, food and clean air

WAF: Opportunity for Individuals and Organizations working for sustainable water, food and clean air

The Humanitarian Water, Air and Food (WAF) Award acknowledges and promotes outstanding individuals and organizations who are creating sustainable solutions to bring water, clean air and food to all.

It presents them with the WAF Award, and strives to give them the visibility they deserve to continue making this world a better place.

From April 22 to June 12, the call for application is open to any individual or organization developing and implementing breakthrough solutions for sustainable water, food and cleans air practices.

A committee of experts will select a short list of initiatives that best meet the selection criteria: sustainability, innovation, empowerment, scalability, replicability and social and environmental impact.

Then, you will have the chance to vote for your favorite project from the short list; share it with the world and gather support to make sure they win the WAF Award. You decide who the world celebrates this year!

By celebrating people and their solutions, we share with the world ideas that work and help turn them into best practices. By receiving recognition and support, these pioneers can carry on the wonderful work in bringing water, clean air and food to those who need them most. They become the models of best practices this world desperately needs.

Deadline: 12 June 2016

For more information:

SARD: An award by MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation.


CONGRATULATIONS!! our friend, SARD, with an Award by MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation.


Embassy of Israel in India awarded a Mashav Grant to the project on “Ensuring better learning levels for all children through setting up Innovative teaching learning resource Bank” to the undersigned as a Mashav Alumni.

“This grant will add value in our current intervention with South Delhi Municipal Corporation on enhancing quality in their schools and bring reform in Delhi education initiatives. This grant would not have been possible without active support from all of you. We therefore seek your continued patronage in future too” said Mr. Sudhir Bhatnagar.

ASSEFA:40 acres of lands in a village enable to provide education for 600 children and livelihoods to 25 landless farmers


ASSEFA has initiated appropriate social businesses using 40 acres of community lands at Pooriyampakkam village in Tamil Nadu to benefit both the local communities and support for their children education. The social businesses include production and marketing of organic vegetables, fruits and food materials, distribution of drinkable RO water to nearly 500 families every day, leasing out lands with animal sheds to landless farmers to rear 30 milch animals, 150 goats and 100 country chicken, renting of community halls for social functions and accommodations on pay basis for people who want to refresh themselves in pollution free environment and enjoy rural life style settings. The revenue generated from these businesses is used to meet the educational expenses of 600 children besides providing livelihood opportunities for 25 landless farmers/ families and supply quality food products /services to the local communities…


RO Water Supply




Community Dairy Plant


Paddy cultivation


Bandos Komar: Handover of community preschools in Punea Leu, Kandal Province, Cambodia


Picture1At the end of 2015, Bandos Komar celebrated the phase-out and handover of preschools from Bandos Komar to commune council, district authority and community.

Bandos Komar supported 3 community preschools since 1998 with a total of 2411 children attended this community preschool; Bandos Komar also supported 2 primary schools since 2008 with a total of 8350 attended these primary schools. Moreover, Bandos Komar also supported 3 self-help groups and 3 rice banks to improve the income of community people and the benefit from self-help group and rice bank also contributed to support children’s breakfast at community preschool. During handover event, the chief of commune council committed itself to take over the responsibility of community preschool and community also pledged to mobilize the resource to support community preschool. The district education officer will continue to provide technical support to community preschool and the district authority will closely monitor the commitment of commune council and community whereas Bandos Komar will do spot check sometime in the future and conduct post evaluation after 3 years of handover to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The great achievement is thanks to support of Partage and sponsors. Bandos Komar would express profound thanks to Partage and Sponsors.

The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation: Women Caring for Women International Grant


The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation is seeking applicants for its Women Caring for Women International Grant which is awarded to a female citizen of and currently living in a developing nation, who wishes to attend post-secondary studies, and who requires financial support in the pursuit of her educational goals.

The foundation has been offering this grant since 2007 with a goal to transform lives globally by building strategic, value-based partnerships in support of sustainable projects.

Grant Information

The grant amount is $5,000.

Focus Areas

  • Health
  • Education
  • Poverty Alleviation

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be a female student who is a citizen and currently living in a developing nation.
  • The candidate should indicate that she wishes to attend post-secondary studies and requires financial support in the pursuit of her educational goals.

How to Apply

Applicants must download the application form via given website:

Deadline: 30 April 2016