Bandos Komar – Children Activities to improve health and sanitation of the community


In rural areas of Cambodia, knowledge of hygiene, health, prevention of diseases and the appropriate usage of drugs are limited. People do not follow the doctor’s prescriptions or medicines but simply buy it at the grocery store in their village. This is all due to a lack of information and the neglect of health and hygiene education in the community.

Bandos Komar conducted campaigns and raised awareness through training organized twice a year by children’s councils to make parents understand the importance of hygiene and health and to improve health of children and their families. Many messages of hygiene, water, health and prevention of certain diseases caused by the contamination, feces and mosquitoes, etc. were broadcasted to community by children council. The messages were delivered in the form of parent-child questionnaires and attractive posters so that the community could easily understand and remember them.

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Partage Vietnam – Friendly Library at Chau Dien secondary school Opening Ceremony


Following “Save the kids, Preserve the future” project implemented by PVN at Chau Dien Secondary School, Cau Ke commune, Tra Vinh province, setting up Friendly Library is one activities of the project to create a friendly learning environment for students in the project area.

According to PVN’s initial investigation, students at Chau Dien secondary school dreamed of a library to read books and search information on the internet. After determined effort, a friendly library funded by British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV) and supported by Partage Vietnam has fulfilled their dream. Students were so excited to enjoy books and practice computers on the opening day. An opening ceremony of the library was formally organized with participation of authority staff, PVN, teachers, parents and students. At the ceremony, teachers and parents at Chau Dien secondary school also signed on a commitment banner to promise to respect and exercise the rights of their students and children.

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Anh Duong – Dental Hygiene Training for Kindergarten Students


June 8th, 2016, Anh Duong had a meeting with BOET of Phung Hiep district and Managing Board of 8 Kindergartens as Hoa Hong, Tan Binh 1, Tan Binh 2, Cay Duong, Long Thanh, Tan Long, Thanh Hoa and Son Ca to deploy the Dental hygiene for Kindergarten program. The schools believed that this program would benefit students in dental health and was suitable for the school’s program. All of administrators agreed to sign a written agreement to implement this program in the next school year.

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Kindergarten students practice brushing their teeth

On that same day, Anh Duong also met with Administrator of 18 primary schools of Phung Hiep district to discuss about the program Health and Education for primary school. Basically the schools agreed to implement the program. They will work with their teachers to sign an implementation agreement accordingly.

Dental hygiene for kindergarten and Health and Education for primary school are the programs that Anh Duong has implemented for 8 years. The program aims to equip students with basic knowledge about oral hygiene and health protection. The majority of students were very excited to attend brushing practice with their classmates. Nguyen Thao Nguyen, a student of Phuong Binh 1 primary school, said that, “I was very glad to have brushing time with friends at school. I also usually brush teeth myself when I get up, or after taking a meal and before going to the bed. My teacher taught me brushing method. I brush outside, inside and chewing surface of maxilla. Then I continue brush outside, inside and chewing surface of mandible. My parents compliment that I am very good to know brushing teeth clean and beauty. I am very happy”.

hinh chai rang

Primary students participate in dental hygiene activity


ASSEFA:40 acres of lands in a village enable to provide education for 600 children and livelihoods to 25 landless farmers


ASSEFA has initiated appropriate social businesses using 40 acres of community lands at Pooriyampakkam village in Tamil Nadu to benefit both the local communities and support for their children education. The social businesses include production and marketing of organic vegetables, fruits and food materials, distribution of drinkable RO water to nearly 500 families every day, leasing out lands with animal sheds to landless farmers to rear 30 milch animals, 150 goats and 100 country chicken, renting of community halls for social functions and accommodations on pay basis for people who want to refresh themselves in pollution free environment and enjoy rural life style settings. The revenue generated from these businesses is used to meet the educational expenses of 600 children besides providing livelihood opportunities for 25 landless farmers/ families and supply quality food products /services to the local communities…


RO Water Supply




Community Dairy Plant


Paddy cultivation


The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation: Women Caring for Women International Grant


The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation is seeking applicants for its Women Caring for Women International Grant which is awarded to a female citizen of and currently living in a developing nation, who wishes to attend post-secondary studies, and who requires financial support in the pursuit of her educational goals.

The foundation has been offering this grant since 2007 with a goal to transform lives globally by building strategic, value-based partnerships in support of sustainable projects.

Grant Information

The grant amount is $5,000.

Focus Areas

  • Health
  • Education
  • Poverty Alleviation

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be a female student who is a citizen and currently living in a developing nation.
  • The candidate should indicate that she wishes to attend post-secondary studies and requires financial support in the pursuit of her educational goals.

How to Apply

Applicants must download the application form via given website:

Deadline: 30 April 2016

Peace Projects 2016 Open for Non-Profits around the world

Peace Projects 2016 Open for Non-Profits around the world

The Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) invites non-profit organizations around the world to submit proposals for innovative conflict resolution and peace-building projects focused on preventing, managing and/or resolving violent conflict and promoting peace-building, reconciliation and dialogue in communities experiencing conflict. creative and innovative projects that aim to prevent and respond to conflicts around the world; promote peaceful coexistence through dialogue; and foster pluralism, good governance, freedom of belief, justice and reconciliation, social and economic development, respect for human rights, and gender equality and empowerment.

Project Grants: $50,000 maximum

First Place Award: US$30,000, Second Place Award: US$20,000, Third Place Award: US$10,000

Note the Key Dates

  1. 30 September 2015 – Summary Proposal Submission Deadline
  2. 1 January 2016 – Announcement of Shortlist
  3. 31 January 2016 – Final Proposal Submission Deadline
  4. 1 April 2016 – Announcement of the Grant Nominees

Eligibility Criteria

  • Not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply.
  • Proposals for supporting or advancing already existing projects are not eligible. However, project proposals for new stages, or using the previous implementations as a model in different areas are accepted.
  • At least one member of the team must be over 18 years old.
  • There are no geographical restrictions on applicants.
  • The only accepted file type is PDF. All the documents should be single-spaced. The font size should be 12pt and margins of the documents should not be altered.
  • The proposal should be not more than 4 pages.

Deadline: 30 September 2015

For more information:


Workshop “ADDRESSING THE LONG SHADOW “– on sexual violence against men and boys


From 25 to 29 May 2015, South-south Institute conducts a “Addressing the long shadow”, the second SSI Workshop on Sexual Violence against men and boys in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

hìnhIn this workshop, South-South Institute considered case studies such as force marriage and other forms of sexual violence under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and seek to bring together survivors, explore the importance of transitional justice and associated research processes as spaces in which to uncover and address the severe impacts of conflict- related sexual violence; work with younger generations survivors of sexual abuse and service providers, to take further process begun in Kampala of identifying the training need of service providers accustomed to work with women and girls to exclusion of men and boys.

This second SSI has also sought to reach out to other service providers, activists, researchers, and survivors across the region and in other settings with objective of bringing together a range of stakeholders, working together for positive change.

In this workshop, many studies are carried out by in Cambodia by UNICEF and partners. So if you need more information about these studies, information about sexual abuse of boys or social work and services, please access the link:

And video:


Celebrate International Girl Day (11th October) with Bikalpa toolkit !


GirlsDayBikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra request to join hands in celebrating International  Day of the Girl 2014, October 11th, 2014

Dear All, We are happy to share with you a toolkit to mark International  Day of the Girl 2014. We request everyone to come together to make the lives of girls beautiful and safe!

What can we do?

  • We can organize discussions based on this wonderful video of the International Day of the Girl Child. You can find the video in   !
  • We can run interaction programs in our respective places on the situation of girl child and the need of education for their development! We can invite our friends, families and community members to be a part of this!
  • We can write and distribute appeals to our local authorities showing importance of education and the need to end violence on girls!
  • We can talk about various forms of violence that girls face and run door to door programs to increase awareness about this .

Kind regards,

Stella Tamang, Founder and executive director of Bikalpa