April 8th, a child activity is conducted at CPCR Baan Paplearn in Bangkokyai District. ‘A Story from the Past’ is a child & family development activity that CPCR introduces to children this week. CPCR staff and CPCR Child Guards invite representatives, the elders, from Bangkokyai Community to tell that the history of the local area. Since, next week, April 13th is a traditional Thai New Year Festival – Songkarn Day, the story of Songkran Day from many generations is also shared to children. Children learn a true meaning of Thai Culture and know their own community. Another session of the program that is introduced to children is ‘the Origami Tale’. It is the program that designs for children to create their own tale from the art of paper folding. At the end of the program, to celebrate the Thai Culture Songkarn Day, children has a chance to practice water pouring over the palms of elders’ hand and ask for blessing. CPCR wishes that this activity would be useful for children to see how importance of our own roots and share to next generation when they grown up.