Baan Paplearn : An Outside Classroom Learning Space for Children, Family and People in the Society:


It is an intention from all CPCR team members to renovate an empty house next to the head office at Bangkokyai District to be a community service for everyone in the society. ‘Baan Paplearn’ is:

  • A space to promote child & family development program;
  • A classroom for parents to learn child rearing technique;
  • A center to advocate a knowledge of child development for general public;
  • A meeting spot for CPCR Child Guard (CPCR volunteer);

On March 11th, 2017, Baan Paplearn has official opened for everyobe. There are CPCR staff and CPCR Child Guards who welcome children and parents to join the 1st child & family development program.

Around 10 am, there are a mother and her daughter who are the first group to visit Baan Paplearn. When there is the first member, CPCR team members and Child Guards feel relieve and have a full energy to continue the program. Later, it is a word of mouth. There are many children stepping in Baan Paplearn to apply for the program. It is CPCR regulation that all children who join CPCR programs are required permission from their parents. If there is one child who come to Baan Plaplearn and doesn’t tell their parents, CPCR staff will ring parents of the child and inform the story.

At 1 pm., there are now 21 children at Baan Plaplearn. CPCR team members and Child Guards starts an orientation program and introduce who we are and what we do. It is the program that CPCR team members, Child Guard and children get to know each other. Activities that CPCR teams introduce to children are DIY notebook making and Dough playing. CPCR wants children to have fun and develop their cognitive thinking through the art program. After finishing the program, children share their feedbacks to CPCR teams. They really enjoy the activity and they learn what to do during their spare time.


Baan Paplearn is opened on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month from 1 pm to 3:30 pm. If you want your children to join CPCR activity at Baan Paplearn, please come and join us. You can also contribute to CPCR programs. Please contact our foundation.