With target of improving learning environment for students in remote areas, recently, Partage Vietnam has continuously implemented school building projects in Long An province to ensure children a friendly and safe place to study.


Phuoc Tan Hung kindergarten is located in Chau Thanh district, Long An province, one of the most remote area of the province. The income of people is unstable, which merely comes from planting and feeding.

In 2015, all children are taught under a new school built from the budget of Chau Thanh district people’s committee and contribution of others citizens. However, the school is still in water shortage so far. Living in this area, to have water, the inhabitants have to drill 330 – 360m depth into the ground which is costly and unaffordable to the local people.  Thus, the population is frequently facing 6 months of lacking water. There is only one water resource used for 217 households and 7 local authority offices. Furthermore, the school is located at the ending line of water resource which causes the shortage of time of having water. The school is currently sharing water resources with its neighbors, so the water retrieval speed is slow, especially during the rush hours. In the afternoon, it is really hard to get enough water to use for cooking and for the daily lives of children. All this brings about an urgent need for drilling a well and setup a water treatment system for this kindergarten to provide enough a fresh water resource for the children.

Understand that situation, Partage Vietnam coordinated with Germany Consulate to implement “Accessible purified water” to create a clean, sufficient and hygienic water resources for students at Phuoc Tan Hung kindergarten. The well construction and purified water system contributes to ensure the clean water for daily use of 222 students at the kindergarten, 375 students of a primary school nearby and the surrounding households.


Tan Thanh is one of the poor communes of Tan Thanh district with agricultural economics. The main income of inhabitants comes from the rice fields, lotus fields or fishes caught from the near rivers. Out-of-school figures are increasing in the following years as lack of classrooms. In the flood season, the water level averagely reaches 2m high. The students cannot go to the school at peak flood season as all way to school is under water and if they still want to go, they have to take a small boat. The branch at Kinh Moi Hamlet VI has in dilapidated situation by time and stopped using since the first day of year 2014. Because the school closed, students have to take at least 3km to the main point. Some students take from 6km to 8km to study at schools in Dong Thap province that has same line border with Long An province.IMG_1386

Therefore, with the hope of creating a better learning environment and encouraging students to go to school, Partage Vietnam sought support from donors and received fund from Our Fellow Man (OFMA), a non-profit organization in Taiwan, to build four new classrooms at Tan Thanh B Primary school. The local government also supported to build a new restroom, schoolyard and school fence for the school.

On 08/03/2017, the opening ceremony of the new school block had been conducted with the happiness of students, teachers, parents and local authorities. With the support of volunteers of Partage Vietnam, the new school walls were decorated with beautiful pictures and cute animals which made the school looked more friendly and lively to students. The new school creates a favorable condition for 150 students aged 6 – 10 to access to school and shorten their distance from home to school every day. Moreover, it also helps to ensure students a safe and hygienic learning environment instead of using the old dilapidated classroom and restroom. In addition, their parents can save time from taking their children to school and focus more on their works, which helps to increase their incomes and improve their lives.

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