Voice of Children has started Cow Farming in the Socialization Center (Preparation Center) from May 2016. The main objectives of cow farming are to provide the pure and fresh milk for children, teach the children life skills about cow farming and produce organic fertilizer for the vegetable. The concept of cow farming started due to the interest of children where a calf provided from local community.  After this, VOC brought a milking cow to fulfillment of the children interest and need of the center. The produced fertilizers are used for vegetable and flowers. Now, Cow farming has become a good source of fertilizer for organic vegetable production.

Voice of Children is running Socialization Center with the support of PARTAGE-France. This is the place where street children prepare to reintegrate in their family and community by ensuring their growth in family environment. While children coming in the Drop-in-Center are encouraged to leave their street life and as they show their interest to adopt family life they are referred to this center. This center helps children to find their unique ability and prepares plan of action for sustaiIMG_20161217_105709nable life.

The children are very happy to have cows in Socialization Center. They love and care of them by feeding and gazing them in the field. An elder child of the center, named Nabin Pariyar is more excited and uses to care the 3 cows. He is interested in vegetable farming and animal husbandry. The cow farming has become an opportunity for children to know about cattle farming.

Voice of Children has planned to do networking and coordination with Agriculture and Veterinary Office to conduct related trainings for interested children and staff member also. At the same time, VOC will collaborate with interested donor agencies for strengthen of such farming to transfer the skills to the children and fund raising perspective to the organization.

VOC team