Vijayapuram Social Service Society had a variety of programmes related to UN Child Right Day.


Seminar for Balavedi children at VSSS

We had organized Seminars on child right for school children and for co-patrons of Balavedi, the Children’s Forum.  The classes were led by Mr.Jomon P.L, coordinator, Childline and  Mr.P.J.Shaju, employment officer, Kalady Sanscrit University, for Children and Mr.Jeno M.scariah, a Child Right Activist,  for Co-patrons.


A second programme was a Street Play organized with the support of Social Work department of BCM College, Kottayam.  The programme was performed at various junctions of Kottayam District.  It highlighted the Rights of the children and the rights of girl children.  This was well appreciated and applauded by the public.


Assistant collector signing the Declaration on Child right

A third programme was a mobile  exhibition on Bus organized by the department of child welfare, Government of Kerala.  Vijayapuram Social Service Society hosted the exhibition in Kottayam District.  The exhibition in Kottayam district was inaugurated by Dr.Divya S.Ayyar,  the Assistant District Collector of Kottayam.  The children from various schools visited the exhibition.

VSSS team