“NO!”, it is a voice from our children at Wat Sathatham School when they refuse people’s request, ask for help and stop the child abuse. This is a practice from ‘feeling “YES”, feeling “NO” training program’ by CPCR.

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November 15th, CPCR conducts a sex education activity, “The Voluntary Spirit: from me to you, Sex Education for our Children”, at Wat Sathatham School in Samutsakorn Province. This is a special event because CPCR has invited 22 volunteers to run the program by themselves. The training program aims to educate 28 secondary school students. Since these students live in industrial and tourist areas in Bang-Jakeang district, Samutsakorn Province, it can be assumed that they live in risky area and may be sexually abused by the local people.

It is surprised that some students still believe that only being raped and having sex with strangers are a sexual abuse. The sexual abuse can also be in term of being touched and non-touched action. The program starts with an introduction of the program which tells children with the basic knowledge of child abuse. Then, the training is divided into 4 sessions.  They will learn how to protect themselves and have knowledge to get away from the abuser.

The 1st Session: Learn How to Refuse: This program aims to educate children to assess the situation. When they feel unsafe, they learn 1) how to move away the risky area; 2) how to ask for help and refuse to follow people’s request. “NO” and “HELP ME!” are words that children will keep in minds when they are in the unsafe situation; and 3) how to run away and ask for help from people whom they can trust.

The 2nd Session: Learn How to Make a Decision: This session, children learn how to question themselves before they act something. There are 3 questions that children must ask themselves when they are in the risky situation: 1) How do I feel? Good? Or Bad? Safe? Or Unsafe? 2) Will our parents know where I am now if I go with those people? and 3) If there is an emergency whether or not I can be recused.

The 3rd Session: Learn How to Classify Types of Touching: This activity wants children to be able to classify type of touching and action by other people. They would understand whether or not the situation where they are is a sexual abuse. The ‘Good Touch’ is the action that children feel safe. For example; a parents is touching children’s heads. On the other hands, the ‘Bad Touch’ is the situation that children feel uncomfortable, dislike and unsafe. For example; the parent is touching children’s thigh. Children tell their own feeling and assess the risky situation. They understand that whether or not the situation that they encounter is a sexual abuse.

The 4th Session: Learn How to Assess the Situation in the Society: children will learn the current situation in the society. There is a danger around them. Children learn how to assess the circumstance and get away from the unsafe situation.

Even though “The Voluntary Spirit: from me to you, Sex Education for our Children”, is only a 3-hour training course, children have a chance to understand how to act safe and share fun & laugh with CPCR volunteer. CPCR observes and gathers feedbacks from the children and volunteers.

“Helping people fulfills our energy and make us more matured. We help our people and support our society”

“The volunteer learn together with children. We listen children and learn how to communicate with them. When we talk to them, we need to talk clearly. This will help us when we go to work.”

“I am so happy to join this program. I have gained more experiences when I teach children”

“The Voluntary Spirit: from me to you, Sex Education for our Children”, program ends with happiness. At the end of session, all children and volunteers dance together. CPCR have a high hope that children learn how to protect themselves and will be safe and away from all dangers in the society.

CPCR team