How’s about you? Are you ready to share your love to children and to the world?”

This is the last sentence from young actors who have asked 200 audiences of CPCR Children’s Performance, ‘The Greatest Love’, on November 21st at the Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Center.

3The Children’s Performance, ‘The Greatest Love’, is a story of a young kid who feels lonely. Even though she lives with her parents, they are very busy and do not have time for her. When her family has a free time, they spend time on electronic gadgets such as a smart phone and a tablet. Parents ignore their daughter and forget to provide love and care to her. Then, the girl starts her journey by herself and walks into a forest. When she is in the forest, she is unexpectedly disguised herself to be a two-headed monster. She keeps walking and finds a small village, named – “the Sufficiency Economy Village”. Most people in this village live their lives according to the Philosophy of the Sufficiency Economy by Thai King Rama IX. The two-headed monster appreciates and wants to follow the King’s philosophy by helping them planting.  However, there is a small group of villager who does not follow the philosophy. This villager enjoys gambling, using drug and drinking alcohol. The villager also leaves their own children alone in the house and does not pay attentions. Suddenly, there is a heavy storm and flood attack. The two-headed monster wants to help the villager to be safe. She uses all her energy to bring safety and happiness to the village. But now the two-headed monster has no energy left and she almost dies. All villagers see her voluntary spirit and feel appreciation on her love and encouragement. They all cry for her. At the period of time, parents of the girl search for her daughter and know that this brave two-headed monster is their daughter. Finally, from the power of love from parents and villagers, the two-headed monster turns to be a normal girl again and back to life. She goes back to her house and lives happily with her family.

6The show ends with a big applause from the audience in the Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Center. 20 young actors from 3 shelters – Baan Nontapun House for Children with Disabilities, Duang Prateep Foundation (Kanchanaburi Shleter) and ‘Baan Oun Rak’ CPCR Assessment & Treatment Shelter – come out in front of the curtain and take a bow to the audience. A happiness and pride can be seen in all children’s faces. Outside the auditorium, most audiences show a moral support to children by writing them a note.

“You are cute and talented. I really feel impressive and I am proud of you, all”

“Your performance is so much fun and you are great”

“We wish you all the best!”

“Keep fighting! We wish you a happiness!”

The performance is part of the drama therapy that CPCR provide to children who are a victim of abuse, neglect and exploitation for 11 years. One of caretakers at ‘Baan Oun Rak’ also shares her opinion after she observes her children’s behavior.

“We can say that there are a lot of positive changes in our children. One girl, she is shy and she always cries without any reason. She sometimes screams and cannot participate any program at ‘Baan Oun Rak.’ However, after joining a drama therapy, she works very well and continues the program until the last session. We, the staff, feel excited. After we saw her performance, we are really proud of her and cannot keep this thing to ourselves. We feel happy and want to tell everyone how good she is. The most important thing we see is her happiness. All children do it very well. They don’t fell they are forced to do it. But they enjoy doing it.”

This year, CPCR has asked children from 2 partners to join the program again. Children from Baan Nontapun House for Children with Disabilities and Duang Prateep Foundation (Kanchanaburi Shleter) are enthusiastic to participate the program. Again, the drama therapy shows a positive development in our children.

4“This is a great program. The first thing is children have a chance to meet a new people. They make a new friend. They are brave and overcome their own fear. I really appreciate on a coordination of 3 shelters and volunteer. They come to us and help our children. Some of our children cannot work. There is a support from everyone. Thank you for giving them an opportunity.” (Mother Kitt – the Caretaker from Baan Nontapun House for Children with Disabilities)

Although children are lively again on the stage, in reality all children need love and care from family members and everyone in the society. They must live in a safe environment and away from any kind of violence. CPCR would like to ask everyone to build a caring society – the society that is safe and warm for children.

CPCR team