At HSF in Nakhon, the UNCRC 26th Anniversary was set as a theme for our annual gathering of the 5 children/parents clubs’ members (Kids Love Books’, Kids Love Sports’, Kids Love Plants, Kids Love Art & Culture’s, and We Love Livable Home’s Club) which took place on November 14, 2016.  There were 182 club members; 118 children and 64 parents joining this annual gathering.  These club members are the beneficiaries of HSF Family Rehabilitation & Family Preservation program.  Activities arranged on the event included:

“Our Right to Participation”

Members of each club presented to the whole group on the activities they have done in their club UNCRC6throughout the year and their achievements – focusing on “The Right to Participation”.  From their presentation, every group found that they have had a lot of opportunities to exercise their Right to Participation as their social workers always involved them in every step of activities in their club from the step of goal setting and activity planning all the way through the step of having fun and learned from the activities.  Most of them mentioned the Child-to-Child activities that HSF initiated with their school as an example for “Child right to participation”.

“Child Rights in My Viewpoints”


Working in groups

Older children:  Essay contest on the theme “Child rights in my viewpoints”.   A number of 77 children submitted their essay – a lot more than what we expected!!  Many children mentioned in their essays that they wished to have the right to have more of school’s extra-curriculum activities, the right to have access to the cleaner classroom at school, etc.  However, all mentioned in their essays that “the rights should not come alone, they should come with duties or responsibilities”.  Five children whose essay was awarded were very proud to be able to read their essay to whole group.

Younger children:  Children were divided into smaller group and discussed with their group leader the rights a child was supposed to have from their point of view and made drawing of “Child Rights in My Perspective” to present to the whole group.

In addition, HSF Nakhon also distributed the Thai version of Mr. Sanphasit’s statement written to the UN Secretariat on behalf of Everest Range Network to all organizations being HSF local network, in order to call for their attention to join our hands to urge and make this part of the mentioned stateUNCRC4ment “In the year 2030, all children in the world should be free from all forms of violence at national, regional and international level and can grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding as said in the preamble of the Convention on the Rights of the Child” become real.  

HSF team