Children in Judo competition in Buthan

CWCN splendidly participated in Nepal-Bhutan Friendship Judo Tournament and Joint Training Camp-2015, Bhutan on 19th & 20th September 2015. Team comprising of 9 players and 5 officials represented Nepal in Judo competition. Tournament was organized by Bhutan Judo Association. On 19th September friendship tournament was organized and on 20th September, second day of program joint training was provided to players.15 team members from Nepal leaded by Mr. Dharma Kumar Shrestha, President of CWCN departed to Bhutan on 16th September. In competition for seven gold medals, CWCN team won three gold medals!

A two-day friendship judo tournament between Bhutan and Nepal concluded with a joint training camp. Nine Nepalese players including Bhutanese participant got the opportunity to learn some key moves and tactics from the senior Expert in the Joint Training organized on 20th September 2015. The event was the fourth friendship tournament organized by Bhutan Judo Association (BJA) to provide participants tournament exposure. During the joint training camp, coaches from both the countries shared their expertise.

Representing from Nepal, Dharma Kumar Shrestha of the Child Watbaram Centre, Nepal said that the tournament was a big success for both the teams. Participants were able to exchange culture, friendship and Judo techniques from each other.