From 25 to 29 May 2015, South-south Institute conducts a “Addressing the long shadow”, the second SSI Workshop on Sexual Violence against men and boys in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

hìnhIn this workshop, South-South Institute considered case studies such as force marriage and other forms of sexual violence under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and seek to bring together survivors, explore the importance of transitional justice and associated research processes as spaces in which to uncover and address the severe impacts of conflict- related sexual violence; work with younger generations survivors of sexual abuse and service providers, to take further process begun in Kampala of identifying the training need of service providers accustomed to work with women and girls to exclusion of men and boys.

This second SSI has also sought to reach out to other service providers, activists, researchers, and survivors across the region and in other settings with objective of bringing together a range of stakeholders, working together for positive change.

In this workshop, many studies are carried out by in Cambodia by UNICEF and partners. So if you need more information about these studies, information about sexual abuse of boys or social work and services, please access the link:

And video: