Photo VOC 1

Social worker of VOC conducting counselling. Source: VOC

After the earthquake many partners from Everest Range Network  has showed all their solidarity to partners in Nepal.


Assefa: “Our prayers are with you and the people of Nepal to overcome this horrible disaster”.

 VSSS : “Prayers from VSSS to all the victims of the earth quake. From the news and other information we know that the destruction is very huge. VSSS feel with you. We will try to help Nepal team as much as we could.” “Thanks God that our friends are safe.  But still not at peace because of the great tragedy. We will continue sharing and caring mutually and supporting by all means. With lots of love”

SARD: “Being a responsible organization SARD management and his staff have taken note of this grim situation due to this calamitous earthquake, which has put our neighbors in deep distress and trouble.  As a matter of expressing solidarity with the affected people in Nepal, our staff have decided to unanimously give their one-day salary to help these victims affected by this cruel disaster”.


Bandos Komar: “For this point of time, on behalf of Cambodia team, we would like share our condolence with Nepal friend and  victim family in Nepal”.  “Our prayers are with you and the people of Nepal and north Indian to overcome this horrible disaster.”


HSF: “Our thoughts and prayers are always there with you. No words can describe how much we’ve been worried about you, your family, the children in your care, and the people of Nepal. Having experienced the tsunami in Southern Thailand 10 years ago myself, I do know how it feels and how great the needs are.  Please stay safe and keep up with your strong spirit.” “HSF has been collecting cash donations for Nepal from our friends and families so that we can send some contribution to our Nepali partners that are going to do or have been doing something to help the affected children and families.”


PVN: “Since the weekend when news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal broke, our thoughts and prayers are with that you and your people… we have no word at all and are hoping for positive news amid the tragedy and chaos. On behalf of PVN, our thoughts are with you…”